Bio: Trent Broers is a true sales professional. He currently works selling advertising with hospital digital network screens nationwide! His roots started in the book field selling door to door with The Southwestern Company. The leadership skills he learned on the book field were inspired by “An American Original” Spencer Hays written in Forbes Magazine. Trent describes the key to his success as “making the law of averages work in your favor by making lots of calls”. It’s a simple principle and if you play the law of averages it has to catch up. In 2009 Trent Broers was chosen to represent Atlanta’s Most Successful Business Leaders. Your attitude he says, is the most important factor in life; having a positive attitude makes all the difference in how you wake up and work with excitement. Trent wakes up every day with the mind set to take on life’s challenges each day. Broers likes to read books and his favorite "The Common Denominator of Success says,” successful people do things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do”. This simple principle has sparked Trent to take on the world everyday with an open heart and mind. Trent Broers says all we need to do is, “Work hard, study hard, and be coachable” Trent likes to live his life by the simple principles that he learned back in his Southwestern days. Give yourself small victories everyday in life and laugh at your mistakes and learn from them.

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